Pop-Up/ Tactical Urbanism/ Installations

OASIS installation is a Pop-Up Wellness Plaza located in the Miami Dade Collage, Wolfson Campus. It consists of two ribboning structures that fold into various functional configurations including seating elements, planters and shading canopies. These two structures frame a central mini courtyard dedicated to wellness and mindfulness programming where students and staff come together to meditate, practice yoga, or host other group activities that foster new connections between them and the community. Punches of color liven the space, becoming a focal point. These colors support the wellness program as colors have a psychological effect on our emotions.

Micromobility Stand

Scooter stand/ Parking A vibrant minimalist and functional design allows for easy storage of multiple scooters, It consists of one thick sheet of steel bended twice in opposite directions with two long slots where the scooter will be placed, painted in a vibrant colored epoxy. It includes a wood connector and a bench to complete the experience of the user. And depending on the particular space, it allows for different configurations. Surely it’s a very functional module for the students as well the city’s on going quest towards micromobility. It’s part of the OASIS installation project and commissioned by Lyft Scooters.