Custom Furniture

All furniture pieces are designed by me. Some are fabricated by me and others are fabricated in a selected woodshop. Exceptional and superior quality is our standard.

Corner bookshelf in teak wood. Built for a rather empty awkward corner. The bookshelf maximizes the space and adds functionality, warmth and beauty.

Wall unit and desk for two. Each side has storage area in the tall cabinets and their side of the desk. Linear oak wood and white finish stand out from a neutral gray background. The cantilevered desk top piece makes a visual statement.

ZIZI end table. With a unique minimalist design, it seems to be unbalanced but it balances itself perfectly! Mahogany wood.

Custom design desk for a Manager who spends a lot of time on the computer and on video calls. The corner desk has a mechanism that allows him to work standing up or seated. To the left is the desk for the video calls. And the front desk is for paperwork and receiving visitors. It has plenty of storage space and shelves for materials and electronic equipment.

MEDUSA end table. With it’s unique design with 7 legs it resembles a medusa. Each leg is different giving the impression of movement when you look it at certain angle. Fabricated with teak wood.

Floating wall unit in Mahogany wood with a dark brown tint and aluminum verticals. It consists of three open shelves, a glass door cabinet and three deep drawers.

Gorgeous and elegant MAIA chair! An eye catching checkered board design backrest is the focal point of this unique chair. There’re two versions of the chair: one in Walnut and Bird’s Eye Maple wood/ with a classic aluminum legs. The other one is in Wenge and Maple wood with a curved aluminum leg.

Set of curved wall unit and desk. Designed for a living room/ media room home show exhibit. Mahogany plywood and flexible panels with a wood textured laminate.

Minimalist design end table. Four interconnected thick panels asymmetrically placed with a Wenge wood veneer finish.

Conceptual design for an outdoor meeting installation for the students and faculty of Miami Dade College (MDC), post COVID-19. The project is part of the Reimagining Cities course I’m attending and it was the chosen one to be fabricated during the next semester. It also includes a proposal for the micro mobility scooters being used by the students.

Murphy bed with integrated lateral desk, drawer, area for hanging cloth and upper storage area. Mahogany wood.

Wall art for a medical institution. They specialize in kidney donation/ transplant. The art mural is a representation of two kidneys as part of a tree, meaning the new life that is being born as the patient receives the new kidney. Material: painted acrylic cut in a CNC.

Concept design for a cozy dining area. The seating areas spring from one undulating floating wood piece that interconnects with another one that forms the table. The supports for the floating pieces are located in the ceiling and the wall behind the main seating area. The finish is teak wood veneer.