Commercial Design

Exclusive clothing and accessories boutique concept drawings. The existing space was a long narrow span. To make the space more interesting a curved wall was designed and replicated, to divide the space for displays. Each sections was painted in a different color. The back section was painted in a bright blue. The lighting design supports the products displays.

Coffee shop and lounge interior design. The space was divided in four areas: service counter; eating counter tables; eating lounge tables and lounge/ seating area. The architectural woodwork define the spaces and becomes the focal point. Three green walls, lots of wood and a bright warm color palette makes the interior cozy and homey.

Exhibitor stand. The materials and textures reminiscences nature. Wood, stones, plants… It’s a neutral background for the art pieces that will be exhibited in the space.

Telecom company store, designed in collaboration and for Claro PR. A few concept drawings were considered before the chosen one. Same use of color but different design. At the end, the design of the service desks evolved to a more private ones, with higher panels and smaller counter space.

Residential apartments lobby area concept design. Light gray, bone white and wood are the finishes color palette to keep the design modern and sleek. Punches of bright color are added in the decorative accessories as well as plants.