“Transforming spaces transforming lives…”

Who we are

Lluc Studio is a boutique Interior Design Studio, based in San Juan, P.R. and in the process of opening in Miami, FL. We specialize in Wellness Design; we create living spaces that nourish the body, mind and soul. Through the use of color, lighting, textures & materials, functionality, clutter free and biophilia (nature/plants), among others, we aspire to create healthy environments for our clients. Our expertise includes custom design woodwork, custom design furniture and functional space planning, in support of an extensive interior design program specifically designed for your particular project. Whether building from the ground up, re-designing or making an update to your space, we are committed to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for our clients.

“Transforming lives one space at a time…”

What we do

We are committed to create beautiful, functional, unique interiors, furniture or custom design, tailored to your specific needs. Whether your home, business or particular space, we would love to assist you with your project!

Good design is about improving the way you relate to your space. It’s about making your life more comfortable through beauty, form and function. Your space should be your sanctuary and we will work with you to create the space that you deserve and had dreamed about. Our years of experience are an invaluable guarantee that your project will be completed in time and with the highest standards of excellence. Our projects range from residential, commercial and office design to custom made furniture and cabinetry. We include in our scope of work the conceptual drawings, renderings, technical drawings, materials selection, suggested furniture, accessories selection and the project management. Each project is different and the extension of the services included will be determined per the specific requirements.